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The third time was the charm for Samsung’s big-screen Galaxy Z Fold, and the
Galaxy Z Fold 4 is even better. But the smaller, more popular Flip needed one
more generation of development. The new Z Flip 4 overcomes the battery issues
of its predecessor and is still as intriguing as ever. Samsung’s Electronics
President TM Roh keeps saying he wants foldables to be mainstream, and the Z
Flip 4 is as close to that ideal as any yet; I’ve seen this phone at airports, on the
subway, and even at a public bus stop outside a housing project in Queens. Yes,
quite the same experience.

When it’s closed, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 measures 3.34 by
makes it slightly smaller and more pocketable than the
Galaxy Z Flip 3 (3.38 by 2.83 by 0.67 inches, 6.45
ounces). The new model is a little heavier than the
previous one at 6.6 ounces, but I didn’t notice any
The Flip 4 is available in four standard colors: Graphite,
Pink Gold, Bora Purple, and Blue. You can also order a
bespoke model (for $40 more) with custom front- and
back-panel color combinations. For instance, you can
add yellow, navy, red, khaki, or white elements into the
mix for a total of 75 possible combinations.
The phone’s front and back covers, which use Gorilla
Glass Victus+, are particularly soft and smooth. It’s

By Avax