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The Apple Watch Series 8 looks exactly like its predecessor, but it offers some notable health and safety improvements that weren’t available on last year’s model. Its biggest upgrade is the ability to measure and track changes in your body temperature while you sleep, with a dual-sensor design for more accurate readings. If you have a menstrual cycle, the Series 8 can use your body- temperature data to estimate the date of your last ovulation. And on the safety front, the watch can detect whether you’ve been in a car crash and automatically call for help. With these upgrades, plus an already unrivaled user experience and app selection that’s further enhanced by watchOS 9, the Apple Watch Series 8 is still the best iPhone-compatible smartwatch for most buyers and remains our reigning Editors’ Choice.

APPLE WATCH SERIES 8 VS. ULTRA VS. SE Starting at $399, the Series 8 sits in the middle of Apple’s smartwatch lineup, in between the rugged Apple Watch Ultra ($799) and the refreshed Apple Watch SE ($249).
The spotlight-stealing Ultra is meant for adventurers who want to veer off the beaten path, with outdoor- focused features including an emergency siren, more finely tuned GPS for improved location tracking off the grid, and a more durable design. The Watch SE, which forgoes an always-on display and some advanced health sensors but offers all the safety features of its pricier counterparts, is positioned as the more sensible choice for children, older adults, and budget-conscious buyers. That leaves the Series 8 as the best Apple Watch for everyone else.
Design-wise, the Series 8 looks identical to its predecessor, with the same rectangular case, rounded

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