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Rumors were rife in the lead-up to Apple’s iPhone 14
launch event. While the new phone lineup is impressive,
we still have a wish list of features we’ll be holding
onto for next year.

The iPhone 13 family is limited to 20W wired and 15W wireless charging-provided you have the right charging equipment on hand. Reports suggested that the iPhone 14 might upgrade to faster 30W charging. Nope. The fresh smartphones from Apple stick to the same 20W/15W speeds as the outgoing models.
Apple is playing it safe here. While some competitors have been pushing charging speeds to 125W and beyond, the 20W rate ensures that iPhones will charge safely and consistently over their lifespan.
Samsung’s top-of-the-line Galaxy S phones have been recording 8K video for years (despite the lack of affordable 8KTVs). Trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noted that the 48MP sensor for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max would grant it 8K video recording powers. Another miss.
Apple did update the iPhone 14 Pro’s video features with an Action Cam mode that improves stability. The maximum resolution video the iPhone 14 can record is still limited to 4K60.

By Avax