Border Terrier Breed Information and Pet Insurance coverage


Introduction to Border Terriers

Border terriers are completely satisfied and affectionate canine with a small measurement and versatile temperament. They’re robust pups that make wonderful working canine and love exploring the outside. However they’re additionally fantastic family canine that adapt nicely to a metropolis way of life and revel in taking part in with kids.

This breed originated from the UK and is vulnerable to chasing small prey, digging within the filth, and sometimes being vocal. Studying extra concerning the border terrier breed earlier than deciding to convey one among these canine into your family is a great thought. Our pet specialists at Wholesome Paws are happy to share this canine breed information with you that will help you make one of the best resolution on a brand new pet!

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Dimension of Border Terriers

Male border terriers weigh 13 to fifteen.5 kilos when totally grown, and females weigh 11.5 to 14 kilos. Grownup canine stand between 12 and 15 inches tall. Most border terriers attain their ultimate grownup weight when they’re round 10 to 12 months previous.

Right here’s how massive you may count on your border terrier to get because the canine grows from puppyhood to maturity:

Weight Chart 3 months 6 months 8 months 12 months
Male border terriers 6.5-9 lbs. 10.5-13 lbs. 11.5-14 lbs. 13-15.5 lbs.
Feminine border terriers 6-8 lbs. 9.5-11.5 lbs. 10-12.5 lbs. 11.5-14 lbs.

Traits of Border Terriers

Essentially the most excellent traits of the border terrier are pleasant, perky, vigorous, and strong-willed. They’re trainable and have enjoyable personalities and an clever demeanor.

Border terriers are superb canine however not one of the best breed for everybody. Some folks discover their digging, climbing, chasing, and simply bored antics to be irritating. Pet dad and mom shouldn’t go away a border terrier alone for lengthy durations of time as a result of the canine could change into simply bored, harmful, and noisy.

As you get to know a border terrier’s character, right here’s what you may count on primarily based on the breed traits:

Breed Attribute Degree (Excessive, Medium, Low)
Affectionate with Individuals Excessive
Good with Youngsters Excessive
Good with Pets Medium
Want for Train Medium
Power Degree Medium
Intelligence Degree Excessive
In a position to Be Skilled Excessive 
Quantity of Barking Medium
Quantity of Shedding Medium
Border terrier

Historical past of Border Terriers

Border terriers initially got here from northeast England and close to the Scottish border within the 18th century. Farmers and hunters needed a canine breed that might get foxes out of their hiding locations and run together with horses throughout foxhunts. The border terrier was bred to have a protracted, slender physique to squeeze into tight spots and lengthy sufficient legs to maintain up a fast tempo. They have been additionally bred to have weather-resistant coats and thick pores and skin that might face up to a bit resistance from foxes they have been pursuing.

The kennel membership in England acknowledged the border terrier as a breed in 1920, and the primary border terrier within the U.S. was registered in 1930. Border terriers are nonetheless reasonably fashionable in the UK and the US immediately.

Border Terrier Customary Data

With nice endurance and agility, the border terrier is an lively canine with slender shoulders, an otter-like head, and an alert expression. These working canine are in comparison with an official normal when competing at canine exhibits.

Right here is an outline of the breed normal info for border terriers:

Border terrier


  • Otter-shaped head
  • Darkish hazel, clever eyes
  • Small, V-shaped ears
  • Brief and well-filled muzzle
  • Scissors chew with robust enamel
  • Black nostril

Neck, Topline, Physique:

  • Clear, muscular, and balanced neck
  • Deep, slender physique
  • Reasonably quick tail that’s thicker on the base


  • Shoulders are nicely laid again and of excellent size
  • Forelegs are straight and never too bone-heavy
  • Toes are small and compact
  • Toes level ahead and are reasonably arched with thick pads


  • Thighs are lengthy and properly molded
  • Stifles are nicely bent, and hocks nicely let down
  • Toes are the identical as in entrance


  • Brief and dense undercoat with a wiry and considerably damaged topcoat
  • Topcoat doesn’t curl or wave
  • Minimal trimming solely to tidy up the toes, neck, and head
  • Conceal is thick and loose-fitting


  • Pink, tan and grizzle, blue and tan, or wheaten colours
  • A small quantity of white is permissible on the chest
  • No white on the toes
  • Muzzle is darkish


  • Straight and rhythmical motion
  • Good size of stride
  • Free, agile, and fast gait with a handler

Caring for Border Terriers

Border terriers are a number of enjoyable to be round, however additionally they take vital work as a pet mum or dad. For instance, it’s vital to be aware of how a lot train and playtime these pups want day by day.

Listed here are some common suggestions for taking one of the best care of a border terrier:

Greatest Dwelling Environments:

  • Energetic canine that do finest with lively households
  • Flats are positive so long as the canine is exercised nicely day by day 
  • Yard fences ideally ought to prolong underground 18 inches on account of digging tendencies
  • Solely permit off-leash in secured fencing areas

Sort of Train:

  • 30-to-60-minute walks and play classes
  • Video games with balls and flying discs
  • All the time stroll on a leash as a result of excessive prey drive
  • Hikes with relations

Psychological Enrichment:

  • Canine sports activities, akin to flyball
  • Lure coursing
  • Monitoring
  • Agility programs

Coaching Methods:

  • Keen-to-please canine that may simply be taught instructions
  • But they’re unbiased canine that will select once they wish to obey
  • Use optimistic coaching strategies and be constant
  • Introduce the canine to completely different folks, different animals, and plenty of environments from an early age

Grooming Suggestions:

  • Brush each week or two
  • Put together for seasonal shedding
  • Throughout shedding season, spend about half an hour day by day eradicating lifeless hair together with your arms or a stripping software
  • Trim the nails about as soon as per thirty days
  • Test ears for particles each week
  • Brush enamel day by day
  • Bathe solely as wanted
Border terrier running in grass

Widespread Well being Issues of Border Terriers

The typical life expectancy of a border terrier is 12 to fifteen years, however you may assist your canine stay the longest and happiest life attainable by paying shut consideration to its well being. If you buy your border terrier from a breeder, make sure the breeder has screened breeding canine for the related well being circumstances, akin to coronary heart issues, seizures, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and hip dysplasia. The nationwide breed membership for border terriers recommends the next well being checks: hip analysis, patella analysis, spongiform leukoencephalomyelopathy DNA check, cardiac examination, and ophthalmologist analysis.

Well being points that may be a priority with border terriers embody:

  • Coronary heart illness
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Juvenile cataracts
  • Seizures
  • Spongiform leukoencephalomyelopathy (SLEM or shaking pet)
  • Paroxysmal gluten-sensitive dyskinesia (PGSD)
  • Gall bladder mucocele
  • Cruciate ligament ruptures
  • Allergy symptoms

Weight loss program and Diet for Border Terriers

Border terrier

Most grownup border terriers will thrive when consuming a high-quality, nutritionally full and balanced grownup pet food. Puppies ought to eat pet meals till they’re round 10 to 12 months previous. These small canine have to eat extra regularly than massive canine to forestall their blood sugar ranges from dropping, significantly as puppies. Subsequently, you could have to feed your border terrier pet 4 to 5 small meals per day to forestall hypoglycemia (low blood sugar ranges). Adults typically do nicely with two to a few meals a day. Should you feed your border terrier selfmade pet food, be sure you are working from a recipe that’s designed by a veterinary nutritionist and that’s acceptable in your canine’s age and well being standing.

Border terriers are extra inclined than many different canine to change into obese, so discussing portion sizes and meals manufacturers together with your veterinarian is crucial. Feed the quantity of pet food wanted to maintain your pet slim. It’s best to be capable to see your canine’s waist and really feel (however not see) their ribs with out having to press too arduous. Typically, puppies want extra energy per day than do adults, however a canine’s wants will fluctuate with their exercise stage and different elements.

Discuss to your veterinarian when you’ve got any questions on your border terrier’s weight-reduction plan or well being.

The place to Undertake or Buy Border Terriers

Should you want to buy a pure border terrier from a breeder, one place to begin your search is the Border Terrier Membership of America. This nationwide breed membership affords a breeder listing and common details about the breed. There may be additionally the North American Border Terrier Welfare Rescue, a volunteer-run group that helps folks undertake a rescue canine of this breed and match canine with new adoptive houses. It has an adoption kind to finish to begin the rescue course of and a Fb web page with adoption updates and alternatives to donate to assist border terriers in want of help.

Border terrier relaxing

Associated Breeds

The border terrier is only one of many several types of terriers, so that you may wish to be taught extra concerning the numerous breeds earlier than deciding on a brand new pet.

Listed here are some related and associated breeds to the border terrier:

  • Norwich terrier
  • Dandie Dinmont terrier
  • Cairn terrier
  • Bedlington terrier

Pet Insurance coverage for Border Terriers

Whether or not you undertake or buy a pet, senior canine, or any pup in between, Wholesome Paws is right here that will help you take one of the best care of your border terrier. Wholesome Paws affords border terrier medical insurance plans that allow you to go to any licensed veterinarian you belief and one easy-to-understand insurance coverage coverage with no pricey add-ons. Pet insurance coverage turns out to be useful when your border terrier is injured on account of working or taking part in too arduous or in case your pup abruptly turns into sick and receives a analysis of most cancers, a genetic situation, or a breed-specific situation.

At Wholesome Paws, we course of most claims inside two days, and there aren’t any most annual or lifetime payouts for border terriers. Please share a number of particulars with us about your border terrier, and we will likely be completely satisfied to ship you an on-line pet insurance coverage quote in an effort to make the appropriate resolution for your loved ones.


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