Disparities in most cancers mortality between Blacks and Whites – Healthcare Economist

A paper by Gupta and Akinyemiju (2024) makes use of SEER information to look at tendencies in age-adjusted most cancers mortality between blacks and whites between 2000 and 2020. The authors discover that:

In 2000, the [age-adjusted mortality] charge was 251.7 per 100 000 inhabitants amongst Black people and 199.7 per 100 000 inhabitants amongst White people, reducing to 166.8 per 100 000 inhabitants (AAPC, −2.04% [95% CI, –2.07% to –2.00%]) and 149.3 per 100 000 inhabitants (AAPC, −1.44% [95% CI, –1.48% to –1.39%]), respectively, by 2020 (P < .001 for development). Between 2000 and 2020, declines in most cancers mortality have been noticed for every most cancers sort for each teams. Nonetheless, Black people constantly skilled larger mortality than White people for all cancers besides feminine lung and bronchus.

The total article is right here.


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