How A lot Does a Canine X-Ray Price?

We give our canine the most effective care attainable. Regardless of all we do, generally they get damage or sick or eat one thing they shouldn’t. When this occurs, they could want an X-ray of their abdomen, chest, or extra. This text shares age-specific pointers for canine X-rays, the typical value, and the way your canine’s well being and medical historical past may influence X-ray frequency. 

Understanding Pet X-rays

X-rays are digital photographs of a canine’s bones, organs, and tissues. Vets order a pet X-ray after they need to 

  • Damaged bones – If a pet is limping or is in ache, a vet will study the realm to examine for damaged bones. X-ray photographs can present the precise location and severity of a fracture. 
  • Blockage within the intestines – When canine swallow one thing they shouldn’t, it might trigger intestinal blockage. A abdomen X-ray can reveal the article’s actual location. 
  • Bladder stones – Canines get bladder, gallbladder, or kidney stones like people. X-rays present their location and if they’re inflicting blockages. 
  • Tumors – Not all tumors seem on an X-ray, but it surely’s a great first step to diagnose them as a result of it’s cheaper than a CT scan. 
  • Dental issues – Most vets do a yearly dental X-ray to identify gum or tooth issues. Canines are normally sedated throughout dental X-rays. 
  • Being pregnant- Vets X-ray a pregnant canine to examine the puppies’ well being. The pictures additionally decide what number of puppies a feminine canine carries, their place, and whether or not the mom can safely ship them by the beginning canal. 
  • Hip issues – Hip dysplasia is recognized with an X-ray. These photographs assist a vet determine the most effective remedy plan for a canine. 
  • Coronary heart or lung issues – Vets do X-rays if a canine has respiration issues. X-rays can present if a canine has pneumonia, bronchitis, a fungal an infection, or a mass. 

Example of a dog x-ray

How Usually Ought to You Get an X-ray for Your Canine?

Age-Associated X-rays

Vets use X-rays to examine for a canine’s excellent well being issues, however they will also be used preventatively for a routine senior canine wellness examine if mandatory as a consequence of your canine’s particular well being historical past or circumstances.


Pregnant canine are X-rayed to find out the precise variety of puppies she’s carrying, the scale of the puppies, and their location. X-rays additionally inform the age of a pet. A vet might suggest an X-ray if a pet is a rescue canine and there’s a query about their age. 

Younger Adults

Grownup canine ought to obtain dental X-rays yearly. A canine might have dental illness if it has damaged or lacking tooth, infected or swollen gums, or unhealthy breath. An X-ray helps a vet perceive the depth of the issue. 

Senior Canines 

X-rays assess an older canine’s total well being. They detect early-stage cancers, tumors, coronary heart or lung points, hip or joint issues, or osteoporosis, that are frequent in senior canine. A vet can diagnose arthritis in older canine with an X-ray. The picture exhibits swelling and any modifications to a canine’s bones. 

Breed-Particular Issues

A canine’s breed determines how typically a canine must be X-rayed throughout their lifetime. X-rays are good preventative measures, particularly for sure breeds. 

Giant and Large Breeds

Bigger canine breeds are susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia and different joint issues. They’re additionally susceptible to arthritis as they age. A vet might use X-rays as a preventative approach for early prognosis and remedy of those issues. 

Small breeds 

Displaced kneecaps are frequent for smaller breeds. X-rays assist detect displacement and early remedy. Small breeds generally affected with displaced kneecaps embrace

  • Miniature poodles
  • Chihuahuas
  • Boston terriers
  • Pomeranians
  • Yorkshire terriers

Well being Situation and Historical past

A canine’s well being situation or medical historical past impacts how typically a canine wants X-rays. Sure persistent circumstances require nearer monitoring with common X-rays and assessments. Frequent illnesses that require common X-rays embrace a historical past of 

  • Hip dysplasia or joint problems- When a canine has hip or joint issues, common X-rays are taken to watch the development of the issue. 
  • Dental concerns- When a canine has lacking tooth, unhealthy breath, or damaged tooth, it might point out dental illness. Yearly X-rays can diagnose and assist vets deal with the issue. 
  • Most cancers- As soon as a canine is recognized, they’ll obtain common X-rays to watch most cancers. 
  • Tumors-Though some tumors are benign, vets will do common X-rays to watch them. 

Your dog may need an x-ray if they have hip dysplasia, dental concerns, tumors, etc.

X-ray Frequency for Working and Sporting Canines

Sport or working canine get a whole lot of train and want common monitoring. This will embrace X-rays to detect any early indicators of musculoskeletal issues, together with accidents or issues with 

  • Nerves
  • Muscle tissues
  • Joints
  • Tendons
  • Cartilage 
  • Spinal disc

Suggestions from Veterinarians

Please talk about your canine’s well being points, breed, and medical historical past together with your veterinarian to find out their eligibility for extra frequent X-rays. They’ve the experience and expertise to information you on how typically a canine wants an X-ray. 

Elements Affecting Pet X-ray Prices

Pet X-rays range in value relying on sure components. Issues that contribute to the price of an X-ray embrace:

  • whether or not a canine must be sedated 
  • what number of views the vet should take
  • the realm of the physique being X-rayed. 

On common, a pet X-ray can value $50 to $400. A canine’s dimension, breed, medical historical past, and medical issues have an effect on the fee. In fact, emergencies equivalent to a canine swallowing a international object will value greater than a routine screening X-ray. 

Price Breakdown of Pet X-rays

X-ray prices will range relying on the place you reside and what kind of X-ray your canine wants. These are the typical value breakdowns for pet X-rays. 

Sort of X-ray or remedy earlier than X-ray Price of X-ray
Sedation-Canine may have this to assist calm them down to ensure a clearer picture $50 to $220
Chest X-ray-In search of pneumonia, tumors, or bronchial asthma,  $150 to $250 
Abdomen X-ray $150 to $250 
Damaged bone X-ray $150mto $400
Dental X-ray $50 to $90
Lung X-ray $150 to $250
Emergency X-rays $200 to $400 


Session charges will even add to the price of X-ray prices. 

What Is the Price of a Canine Chest X-ray?

The typical value of a canine chest X-ray is $75 to $250, relying on the place you reside and the placement being X-rayed. 

Is a Regular Canine Abdomen X-ray Completely different from an Irregular One? 

An stomach X-ray contains taking a look at organs such because the 

  • Small and huge Intestines
  • Abdomen
  • Spleen
  • Liver
  • Diaphragm

 How A lot Does a Canine Leg X-ray Sometimes Price?

The typical canine leg X-ray prices $100 to $425, relying on the placement and the necessity for sedation to maintain the canine nonetheless for the imaging. 

The cost of a x-ray for your dog will vary based breed, size, medical history, and state.

What Does a Regular Canine Lung X-ray Look Like?

A canine’s respiratory system contains the small and huge airways and lungs. A canine breathes air by their nostril and mouth. The air travels by their trachea into the fitting or left bronchi, then into smaller areas referred to as bronchioles of their lungs. Small sacs referred to as alveoli are on the finish of the bronchioles. A canine’s respiratory system delivers oxygen into the blood all through the physique and removes carbon dioxide from the blood. Illness or an infection can disrupt this oxygen move and result in severe sicknesses. 

How Can Pet Insurance coverage Assist?

As a result of X-rays and different medical prices can add up, pet insurance coverage helps ease the burden of those prices. Odie Pet Insurance coverage offsets the price of accidents, sickness,  and preventative take care of canine.

Odie Pet Insurance coverage covers X-rays of their complete plan. In case your pet wants a diagnostic X-ray, this portion of the fee or all the prices could also be coated, relying in your plan. One caveat is that Odie’s doesn’t cowl being pregnant x-rays. 

Pet insurance coverage provides you management over your finances with out being burdened by surprising vet payments. Odie pet insurance coverage makes your pet’s medical care manageable. 

As a result of Odie’s pet insurance coverage gives a number of canine plans, determine which inserts your finances and your pet’s wants finest. With this type of flexibility, you possibly can cowl your canine’s X-rays. 

What in regards to the claims course of for pet insurance coverage? 

When wanting into pet insurance coverage, perceive the claims and cost course of.


This technique is the most typical for pet insurance coverage firms. You pay out of pocket for the veterinarian invoice, after which the insurance coverage firm reimburses you for what’s coated underneath the insurance coverage plan. The steps appear to be this.

  • You pay the vet invoice after your canine’s go to.
  • You fill out the pet insurance coverage declare kind.
  • Submit the declare kind and different required documentation to the insurer. 
  • After the declare is accredited, you may be reimbursed for eligible bills. 

Odie's Illness and Injury pet health insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage for your dog.

Odie’s Pet Insurance coverage Plans

Sickness & Harm Plan

This insurance coverage plan is Odie’s most complete plan protecting sickness and accidents your canine might incur. This plan covers 

  • Emergency vet visits
  • Surgical procedures
  • In a single day hospital stays
  • X-rays
  • Prescription meds
  • Lab assessments
  • And way more

Accident-Solely Plan

Odie’s Accident-Solely Plan covers wounds, accidents, and vet remedies, together with X-rays, Ultrasounds, assessments, and emergency care your candy pet may want in the event that they by accident get injured. 

Wellness Plan

This add-on plan ensures you possibly can preserve your canine updated on their vaccinations, heartworm checks, and different routine checks. 

Like people, canine generally get sick or injured. They might require an X-ray to find out the extent of harm or remedy wanted. Pet X-ray prices rely upon a canine’s well being and medical historical past, the canine’s age, and the breed’s dimension. The place you reside additionally impacts how a lot a pet X-ray may value you. If in case you have pet insurance coverage, the monetary burden of pet X-ray prices is lifted. You received’t be apprehensive that you may’t pay your canine’s vet payments. 


How A lot Are Canine X-rays on Abdomen?

On common, a canine X-ray of the abdomen prices anyplace from $100 to $250 relying on the placement that must be X-rayed, the realm you reside in, and if the canine wants sedation. 

Are Canine X-rays Value It?

Canine X-rays assist diagnose issues and supply preventative care on your canine. They assist your vet take a look at your canine’s inside organs to seek out international objects, damaged bones, kidney stones, or dental issues. 

Why Are X-rays So Costly?

Listed here are the primary the explanation why X-rays are so costly. 

  • Medical gear is expensive- X-ray machines have to be updated to fulfill federal pointers.
  • Protecting gear is pricey
  • The Space of the canine’s physique being X-rayed may have a number of prints
  • Radiologist is pricey
  • X-ray technician is pricey
  • The price of caring for the X-ray gear is pricey. 

The price to sedate your canine earlier than an X-ray might value $50 to $220 relying on the place you reside, how large your canine is, vet prices, and in case your canine has well being points that have to be monitored. 




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