7 Approaches That Helped Me Cross 150,000 Followers on LinkedIn | by Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi | The Startup | Aug, 2023

Attempt it out.

Picture by Mike Von on Unsplash

Final week, I crossed 150,000 followers on LinkedIn.

A milestone quantity, for certain.

I’m penning this to inform you what helped. And now, you’re not:

  • too late
  • in need of tales
  • ‘not ok’ to strive

All that’s the story your thoughts tells you to consider.

As a result of our minds are wired in a method to make us really feel secure. You see, again in hunters’ gatherers’ time, they didn’t have the know-how and relied on instinct for a flight-and-fight response.

So even right now, the second we’re in discomfort, our thoughts cushions us so we’re comfy.

The one distinction is we don’t want that cushion in a number of areas as a result of occasions have modified and we don’t want that degree of security anymore. We have to make selections which we in any other case gained’t.

Sorry I acquired a bit carried away, however I simply wished to deal with the voice in your head which lots of you expertise. I wished to interrupt down why it occurs and that it’s only a voice, not the fact.

So let’s hop again to LinkedIn and I’ll shortly soar into what helped me get right here.

Hear, I can’t offer you a set of methods for the heck of sounding sensible when the reply is useless easy — write sufficient.

The one method to get higher at a ability is by doing it sufficient! Each time somebody asks me methods to get higher at storytelling or writing, I simply wished to inform them they should write sufficient. There’s no different method.

In actual fact,

Q. Learn how to get higher at XYZ ability?

A. By doing it.

The reply stays the identical for all abilities.

The ‘completely different’ content material you see that appeals to you is due to this one factor.

If you see individuals daring to pursue one thing eccentric in life, it’s due to this.


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