The way to Write Higher Tales (When Writing In Much less Than 2 Hours a Day) | by Eve Arnold | The Startup | Aug, 2023


My method

Photograph by Braden Collum on Unsplash

January 2023, I simply began getting rumblings of this new factor that was going to take over the world. Yep, one other new factor. On in the present day’s record? ChatGPT.

The Twittersphere was flooded with hooks ‘ChatGPT prompts that can rework your life’. It went on and on and on. An increasing number of I heard in regards to the flurry of ChatGPT-related articles.

I noticed them hitting the highest spots of the most well-liked publications, I noticed folks get excited and launch newsletters devoted to ChatGPT, AI, all in an try to carry on high of the neverending treadmill of recent AI purposes.

I used to be fearful. Then confused. Then fully nice by lunchtime.

After which I noticed a brand new alternative.

This entire ChatGPT factor is thrilling, certain.

It’s an excellent assist in the case of analysis, headline technology and a handful of different issues however there’s one factor that folks lacking off the record in the case of utilizing ChatGPT:

The enjoyment of writing is the writing.

You realize, most of us didn’t get into writing to hurry up the method with an AI generator. I’m not saying it doesn’t have a spot however I’m saying that a part of the enjoyment of writing is the considering.

It’s racking your mind for the correct phrase. It’s ordering and reordering. It’s spending the time dancing round one million instances to get the framing good. To have the ability to articulate that factor that you just struggled with earlier than.

That’s the enjoyment of writing. And in order that brings me to the opposite pleasure of writing, storytelling.

So it brings me to why storytelling. The one factor ChatGPT received’t have is your experiences of the world. ChatGPT didn’t sit in school dreaming about travelling the world, didn’t fall into the put up as he went to kiss the woman, and didn’t miss her grades by one mark.

Tales, human tales. Uncooked, sincere, human experiences are what make writing. They breathe life into the unusual. They spark creativeness and fervour in…


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