Causes of Sudden Aggression in Cats and What to Do


Think about you’re giving your candy feline companion some chin scratches and cuddles when he all of a sudden lashes out and swats your hand away. Understandably, you’re shocked as to why your candy boy would swap moods so shortly and marvel what induced the change. Though startling, this can be a pretty widespread incidence amongst cat dad and mom. Cats are inherently unpredictable animals.

Generally cats simply want their area, whereas different instances, an underlying medical situation could possibly be inflicting the aggressive conduct. As a result of there are a lot of causes for a cat to all of a sudden show aggression, you will need to seek the advice of with a veterinarian in case you discover behavioral modifications in your cat.

Why Is My Cat All of a sudden Aggressive?

Cats could all of a sudden show aggressive conduct for a lot of causes. Underlying well being circumstances and environmental elements are two of the commonest causes pet dad and mom ought to concentrate on. Any time a usually light cat turns into unusually aggressive, it must be taken critically.

Underlying Well being Circumstances

Cats who’re in ache usually tend to turn into aggressive unexpectedly. In case your cat is experiencing indicators of aggression, you will need to carry him to the veterinarian for a checkup to rule out underlying medical circumstances. A veterinarian can carry out a bodily examination, take an in depth historical past, and run diagnostic testing to find out a trigger.

Defensive Mechanism

If a cat feels threatened in his setting, he could lash out as a protection mechanism. Sure elements that will elicit these emotions embrace the next:

  • Predators
  • Lack of assets
  • Battle with different family pets
  • Nervousness or worry
  • Modifications within the setting (shifting, new child, and many others.)


Some cats need to show dominance. That is particularly widespread in multi-cat households. To create their preferrred hierarchy, cats could try and intimidate housemates by means of aggressive physique language, resembling hissing, pouncing, and nudging.


Cats can turn into overstimulated and fail to manage their feelings effectively. This may happen when being pet, listening to loud noises, chasing prey, or exploring a brand new setting. Overstimulation can result in aggression if early warning indicators will not be observed by the cat mum or dad. This is quite common in households with young children who prefer to repeatedly contact their pet cats and should not discover if they’re starting to really feel agitated.


Generally, cats can merely be temperamental. Like individuals, there are occasions when a cat could need to be left alone. This can be apparent when you’re petting your cat, and he appears to be having fun with it one second after which turns into aggressive the subsequent. If this happens, giving your cat area and time to decompress normally resolves the problem.

Indicators of Impending Aggression in Cats

Luckily, earlier than a cat turns into aggressive, there are a number of warning indicators pet dad and mom can look ahead to. The commonest indicators of impending aggression in cats embrace the next:

  • Pinned again ears
  • Raised fur
  • Tense, crouched posture
  • Enlarged pupils
  • Hissing
  • Flicking tail
  • Batting paws

As a cat turns into more and more agitated, these early indicators will progress to full-blown aggression. Cats could scratch, chew, or bat on the individual or animal that’s inflicting them misery.

Useful Tricks to Stop Aggression in Cats

Implementing preventative measures towards aggression in cats depends upon the underlying trigger. In case your cat is experiencing stress, making modifications to his setting may be useful. Guarantee your cat has a personal area away from different family pets and other people in order that he can calm down. Guarantee he’s receiving loads of psychological and bodily stimulation all through the day by means of toys and vertical climbing area to stop boredom. Including pheromone diffusers to your cat’s designated space also can promote a relaxing environment.

Nevertheless, in case your cat shows different irregular indicators, resembling inappropriate urination, crying out, or hiding, his aggressive demeanor might point out an underlying well being situation that must be managed by a veterinarian to assist him really feel higher.

Most significantly, in case your cat is displaying indicators of aggression, give him area. Don’t attempt to contact or decide him up as a result of he’ll probably turn into additional agitated and should chew or scratch you. Enable him a while to settle down after which revisit the scenario.

When in Doubt, Go to the Veterinarian

In case you are ever unsure about why your cat is all of a sudden performing aggressively, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian. Your cat will obtain an examination and diagnostic testing to find out the basis trigger in order that acceptable remedy may be began.

As soon as an underlying well being situation has been dominated out, your veterinarian could suggest talking with a behaviorist who can determine why the aggression is happening and supply useful tricks to cut back and stop these undesirable behaviors.


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